"Photography allows me to learn about and understand the world around me. From people to landscapes, represented fashionably or conceptually, my work visually demonstrates my own reality."


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From taking childhood steps on cobblestone streets in the Philippines to running through the culturally infused neighborhoods in Chicago to experiencing the nostalgic bliss of Europe, I have captured my eclectic experiences with a camera by my side. Now, as a professional photographer with over eight years of experience, my inherent talent and zeal for photography is the platform in which I cultivate my many passions in life.

In May 2010, I graduated from Columbia College Chicago which is one of the Nation’s highly acclaimed private arts school with a B.A. in Photography. I also studied abroad in Florence, Italy for a semester with a focus in fashion photography. I am not only a professional photographer, but very knowledgeable about the entire photography process from development to printing. Combining my comprehensive understanding of photographic technology and talent, I am now a professional photographer residing in Southern California. Being a Chicago native and natural explorer, I am a creative individual who is familiar with incorporating settings and backdrops to emphasize the photo’s focal point.

I am an intuitive and versatile photographer who understands and caters to each client’s needs with my extensive photographic experience and knowledge. I have cultivated and finessed my expertise and now focused on fashion and glamour photography. This shift has been influenced by my recent move to the West Coast, particularly California’s invigorating lifestyle and its integral fashion scene.

Glamour and fashion have always been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I remember walking around the house in my mother’s high heels and smearing lipstick all over my lips on weekends when my mother was getting ready for a night out. She would chase me and remind me that someday I would own collection of high heels and make up. To this day, I still get jolts of excitement when I walk through the streets of Los Angeles and witness how fashion conveys one’s individuality and creativity.

I love what I do because it not only sparks nostalgic bliss, but because I want to help my clients achieve that level of confidence, fearlessness, and power like I did when I automatically grew four inches taller in my mother’s shoes. I am motivated and influenced by the people I work with and their own desires to be glamorous. I am a photographer because I want to help capture that moment where a person looks and feels their best so they can share it with the world.

From vivid hues to retrospective black and whites, I use my talent, skill, and personal depth to capture each picture’s unique essence. Although my specialty lies in glamour, fashion, and fitness photography, I do not draw limits for myself. I believe in capturing the essence and beauty of basic objects to breathtaking landscapes and journalistic story telling.