Angela Steele Photography is not your typical in-studio company with artificial light and wallpaper backgrounds. We believe that the best photographs are taken in environments where the client feels confident and unique. As an on-location company, we prefer going to explore different settings, backdrops, and locations that other photographers are unaware of, and the option to glance over our famous Location Lookbook. By incorporating different background elements, textures, and lighting, the setting further complements the individual(s) in the photo which are ideal in working within glamour, fashion, and fitness photography. While glamour, fashion, and fitness photography is usually a collaborative effort, they have their distinct differences. Both genres of photography capture the vibrancy of the individual and celebrate the beauty of life.

PERSONALIZATION, COLLABORATION, and EXCLUSIVITY are key aspects while working with Angela Steele Photography. During the entire process, we are constantly working with the client to meet their every need. We value their thoughts, comments, and opinions in order to provide them with quality work that they have contributed to. We enjoy working with clients from all walks of life and show enthusiasm about sharing their stories through photographs. Whether it is your first time with a professional photographer or you have already graced the cover of a magazine, we work with everyone and deliver the same level of respect and dedication to every client.


Glam·our Pho·tog·ra·phy focuses on the individual’s physical beauty. Hair and makeup is the primary focus as clothing style and fashion is typically minor. The use of hair products and tools can help modify the client’s hairstyle while makeup techniques with the use of specific colors can emphasize the client’s features and appearance. We collaborate with local, independent makeup artists that are licensed in cosmetology. Their experimental methods using compatible color schemes in makeup is an asset that is reflected in photographs.
Fash·ion Pho·tog·ra·phy highlight is on clothes and accessories. Effectively showcasing the item’s color, texture, size, and fit is the primary goal for the photographer. The model is the vessel in which the particular fashion is being exhibited and to which other people can relate to, often picturing themselves in those same trends. Fashion photography engages relevance and incorporating a sense of creativity and flair into each individual’s life.  We are affiliated with top wardrobe stylists who are constantly traveling and seeking out the season’s latest trends and designs. They are fashion savvy, creative individuals who incorporate classic, timeless looks with modern twists. 
Fit·ness Pho·tog·ra·phy emphasis on individual's body and fit level. Focusing on physical attributes in overall anatomical perspective and athleticism. Fitness photography focuses on the visual evidence of progression of an individual, especially body physique and athletic action shots. We work with top fitness models, athletes, trainers, and other enthusiasts. Together we share a mutual passion and collaborate together to support a happier, healthier lifestyle for all.